A+R Home Watch Services:

Keep your home safe while your away. Whether your on vacation or away for a season, we will be your eyes and ears. We are here to maintain one of your most valued assets. During our visit to your home, listed are some of the areas we will be overseeing.  

  • Key Holding Services (Over Seeing all licensed property repairs)
  • Check all doors are secure and no signs of tampering
  • Check to make sure all water faucets, toilets and washer are running and no signs of leaks
  • Check all fire alarms are in working order
  • Check A/C is set on correct temperature and change air filters
  • Check that all light bulbs are working
  • Visual inspection of all grounds (Interior and Exterior)
  • Landscaping: check for dying plants or grass
  • Check gutters for debris or stoppage
  • Check Mail
  • Start Vehicles
  • Complete Inspection Checklist
  • Immediate reporting to homeowner of any abnormal findings


Rates are based on square footage and a one hour walk-through of your property. If there are any unforeseen issues that extend our assessment or repair that are required, we will contact you immediately.

Please contact us for an complementary appointment to asses your property.