Storm Preparation and Recovery:

Tropical storms and hurricanes are never fun to endure, but having a plan will lessen the impact or the financial stress. Sometimes just small adjustments to your property will be huge saves. Let us help you.

  • Shutter and storm item assessment
  • Grounds assessment for items that need to be removed
  • Closure of shutter prior to storm
  • Proper storage of outdoor furniture
  • Removal of shutters after the storm
  • Placement of furniture after the storm
  • Visual evaluation of property after the storm
  • Clean up of non-hazardous debris after the storm
  • Notify client of anything that is visible to the eye that may have been damaged


  • Rates vary depending on the following:
  • Size of windows
  • Location of windows
  • Number of windows
  • Design of shutter closures
  • Condition of Shutters
  • Size of lot and items to be moved

Please contact us for a free estimate and to hear about our yearly rate plans.